November 11, 2017

TWF goes ASEAN, entering the Thai market




DI Wolfgang Tinhof, CEO of TWF, Khun Tan, local cooperation partner Khun Sam, user of TWF equipment, Dr. Lampl, MD of LC

TWF Show case in Bangkok

LBCC Lampl Business & Competence Center Co., Ltd, LC Lampl Consulting Co., Ltd., and Dr. Peter Lampl together with Mag. Markus Leitner, head of B4Y GmbH, Graz, Austria supported  and guide TWF on their way into the Thai market and arranged together with the Austrian Embassy and the Austrian  Chamber of Commerce an Show case to demonstrate in practice the shoring systems produced by TWF.



Trench Shoring Systems – Production

From 2004 onwards, the long experience of shoring construction technology has been offered under the name of TWF.

Since 2012 TWF is producing trench shoring systems in their factiory in Heinsberg, Germany.

TWF offers services in the field of trench support equipment including the production, sale and remntal of trench shoring systems as well as tailor made or custom made solutions for special trench shoring applications.

TWF offers a wide range of products, from light to heavy trench shoring box – systems, pile chamber, as well as single and double slide rail shoring systems.

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