September 11, 2017

Dr. Peter Lampl, new Vice – President from Rotary Club Bangkok D-A-CH




Dr. Eder with business partner of D/A/CH – Consult at Rotary Installation Dinner

Peter Lampl is also in the Board of the Rotary Club Bangkok D-A-CH the Head of Fundraising for the Rotary Year 2017 / 2018 .

Rotary Club Bangkok DACH created a new format and promotes this this exciting new activity in 2018 very much. We are talking about a great event with the main focus of coming together, meeting Rotarian fiends, family member and also new Rotarians, friends of Rotarians as well as friends of the Rotarian idea and the Rotarian spirit. Doing something good and having fun at the same time is always a in general a concept.

Our cruising trip will take place in February 24, 2018. We will start at 4.30 PM in Pattaya and we also coming back to Pattaya at about 7.30 PM after a few hours of having a great time.

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