The family office: Looking for sound Thai investments



Thailand in the focus of international family offices

Family offices are highly specialized private wealth management advisory firms with a multi-generational approach. They provide an outsourced financial and investment solution for high-net-worth investors (HNWI’s). As a single-family office (SFO), first pioneered by the Rockefellers in the late 1800s, the client is only one individual or a rich family, while multi-family offices (MFO’s) serve numerous ultra-high net worth clients.

Apart from performing the day-to-day administration, centralized management or oversight of investments, tax planning, estate planning, and asset protection, they are typically in charge of insurance, family related employment, philanthropic intentions and charitable giving, family governance, and even concierge services and lifestyle management.

Under local legislation, single-family offices do not have to register as investment advisers and are widely unregulated. It can be estimated that there are more than 10,000 globally, about half of them set up in the past fifteen years and roughly 3,000 in North America alone. While a family office makes sense with a wealth of US$ 500 million or more, all combined control an estimated US$4 trillion.

A sensible asset diversification across several asset classes, jurisdictions and risk profiles is a cardinal aspect of a private wealth management practice. Therefore, family offices from Europe, North America, Arabia, Russia and even Asia show increasing interest for a family-style investment in Thailand’s industries, properties, and people for wealthy clans abroad.

Family affairs in Thailand: The foreign family office as venture investor

Traditionally, family offices are engaged in direct investments in private equity and venture capital, agriculture and commodities, real estate and valuables (art, etc.). They have the ambition and ability to cherry-pick the best deals. However, particular requirements have to be met.

The primary goal of a family office is to invest wealth prudently and extend it beyond generations. Accordingly, investments have to fit the family’s long-term wealth-generation strategy. As an additional requirement, they typically desire more transparency in underlying investments. Specific rules might disallow any connection to corruption and bribery, child labor, workers’ exploitation, environmental destruction and other forms of non-compliance with the family’s fundamental beliefs and social values.

Typical family office ventures in Thailand are sustainable energy, agriculture, and livestock investments. Examples are the acquisition of solar farms with long-term offtake agreements with government agencies, the breeding of halal and Kobe-style cattle, and a farm for superfoods free of poisons and toxics.

The Consulting House: The family office office in Thailand

Investments in unknown territories require qualified and trustworthy advice. Not everything that is legally permitted is also solid and sound. The Consulting House advises international family offices how to prudently invest in Thailand’s industries, property, and people.

While not providing financial services and investment advice, the Consulting House has the long-term experience and wisdom to separate risky or unreasonable ventures from sustainable family-style investments in the land of smile. This includes the practical implementation of investment strategies taking into consideration the family’s values and compliance requirements.

From its strategically favorable location in Bangkok’s central business district, investments all over Thailand can be implemented, maintained, monitored and controlled. This includes legal and tax aspects, accounting, audit and more. A sophisticated reporting system gives the foreign family office around-the-clock access to its investments and ventures.

The Consulting House offers to international family offices trustworthy cooperation from the first consideration, the successful investment and financial closing as well as the whole investment lifecycle till a possible exit and disinvestment. Confidential talks can be arranged instantly.

d2 consult international Asia pacific



D2 consult international is increasing its Southeast – Asia focus and Dr. Peter Lampl as Representative Director and Business Development Consultant of D2 supports the company on its successful way to the next stage.

D2 consult international has been engaged in some of the MRTA subway projects in Bangkok in the last 10 years; eg in the Blue Line Extension and in Metro Bangkok Purple Line.

Peter Lampl, Gen. Khun Tan , Olav Doellmann

D2 consult international is founded 1986 by the two civil engineers Harald Wagner and Alfred Schulter, focusing on planning and research for underground construction projects.

2009 D2 consult international joint Dar Al Handasah group, one of the top ten international engineering consulting companies.

TWF goes ASEAN, entering the Thai market



DI Wolfgang Tinhof, CEO of TWF, Khun Tan, local cooperation partner Khun Sam, user of TWF equipment, Dr. Lampl, MD of LC

TWF Show case in Bangkok

LBCC Lampl Business & Competence Center Co., Ltd, LC Lampl Consulting Co., Ltd., and Dr. Peter Lampl together with Mag. Markus Leitner, head of B4Y GmbH, Graz, Austria supported  and guide TWF on their way into the Thai market and arranged together with the Austrian Embassy and the Austrian  Chamber of Commerce an Show case to demonstrate in practice the shoring systems produced by TWF.



Trench Shoring Systems – Production

From 2004 onwards, the long experience of shoring construction technology has been offered under the name of TWF.

Since 2012 TWF is producing trench shoring systems in their factiory in Heinsberg, Germany.

TWF offers services in the field of trench support equipment including the production, sale and remntal of trench shoring systems as well as tailor made or custom made solutions for special trench shoring applications.

TWF offers a wide range of products, from light to heavy trench shoring box – systems, pile chamber, as well as single and double slide rail shoring systems.

Dr. Peter Lampl, new Vice – President from Rotary Club Bangkok D-A-CH



Dr. Eder with business partner of D/A/CH – Consult at Rotary Installation Dinner

Peter Lampl is also in the Board of the Rotary Club Bangkok D-A-CH the Head of Fundraising for the Rotary Year 2017 / 2018 .

Rotary Club Bangkok DACH created a new format and promotes this this exciting new activity in 2018 very much. We are talking about a great event with the main focus of coming together, meeting Rotarian fiends, family member and also new Rotarians, friends of Rotarians as well as friends of the Rotarian idea and the Rotarian spirit. Doing something good and having fun at the same time is always a in general a concept.

Our cruising trip will take place in February 24, 2018. We will start at 4.30 PM in Pattaya and we also coming back to Pattaya at about 7.30 PM after a few hours of having a great time.